Happy new week dear success seeker. SUCCESS SECRETS trusts you had a good night rest and you are firing on all cylinders for the new week. We rejoice with you and we are wishing you more success. But more than just wishing you success, we also want to help you succeed! Here is our weekly energizer to energize you for even more success this new week.

The quote for today's weekly energizer comes from Bob Proctor in his personal development program called The winner's choice: 12 power principles for winning the mind game. 

As part of the introduction for the second power principle called responsibility, Bob Proctor reminded us that: 

This quote of Bob Proctor is very apt for our consideration as we begin this new week. While it might seem exhilarating after an ephemeral analysis that we are able to dodge our responsibility, the truth is that taking responsibility is where our freedom actually lies. When we take responsibility, we put ourselves in a situation where we call the shots in our own lives despite the external circumstances.

If we let ourselves off the hook and play the blame game by passing the buck, the truth is that our lives will remain whatever the person we have passed the buck to makes of it. Who can design a better life for us than ourselves? I will suggest we take responsibility for everything in our lives today so that we can enjoy the rewards sooner or later.

This analysis is correct both for individuals, families, religious organizations, corporations or communities. As the weekly energizers are not meant to be long, I will use the trending issue of the OZUBULU MASSACRE OR OZUBULU MASS KILLING to illustrate how this concept of responsibility affects organizations and communities.

Before I do the analysis, let me clearly state that I  condemn the Ozubulu massacre in strongest terms. Such act is barbaric and even demonic. The mere thought of such depravity exudes utter disrespect for the sanctity of human life that will make the devil cringe. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones and I pray that the soul of all the faithfuls departed rest in peace! Speedy recovery I wish all those who are hospitalized.

And now for some reality 101.
I was listening to the news this morning when they were doing the news paper headline reviews. Some persons called in condemning the police and the state government for being too quick to allege that the heinous crime was perpetrated by Drug barons who are natives of Ozubulu. According to the majority of these callers, the rushed allegation smacks of a cover up. They preferred to be told that this dastard act was committed by either boko haram or the Fulani herdsmen. So much for religion and ethnicity.

The truth is that the church and the community suffered in the Ozubulu massacre because they dodged their responsibility of correcting and standing against what is wrong #ItTakesAVillage. The church had the greatest responsibility and yet it floundered. Maybe that is why it was used as the stage for the Ozubulu massacre. The society now celebrates evil provided it comes with money. Recently, a flamboyant affluent young man whose source of wealth remains officially unknown was being analyzed. You need to see the amount of people saying things like "I DONT CARE IF HE DRINKS BABY BLOOD", "THOSE QUESTIONING HIS SOURCE OF WEALTH SHOULD SHUT UP ABEG", "MONEY IS KING AND LORD". ETC.  I will not bore you much with more examples because most of us are already familiar with the drill. You can see just two of such threads here: EXAMPLE THREAD ONE and EXAMPLE THREAD TWO.

It is this same attitude that has permeated the society and eaten deep into our moral fabric even the church. The church has refused responsibility to act as a correcting agent. It honors the highest tither and the highest donor. They get the front row seat and make the laws. Even the clergy becomes subservient if he is not so affluent but if he measures up, they become best friends. What do you expect from the congregation that looks up to the church? The church shy away from the responsibility of reproving those going astray but rather eulogize them so as to continue benefiting from their generosity. Little wonder that it cannot dodge the consequences of heaping great reproach on itself and on God's name. The church can now be a 'justifiable' theatre of political, occultic and drug wars because its benefactors are politicians, drug lords, and highly placed occultists. Little wonder that the church suffers dire consequences. Asides the painful loss of lives, you can see for yourself the magnitude of mockery the church received in the comments here: CHURCH MOCKERY OVER THE OZUBULU MASSACRE

While I am aware that warring factions sometimes kill parents who did not support their kids in their evil ways, it is also true that very few parents stand up against children whose evil ways have yielded pecuniary gains. Even while it may not be so glaring, these parents, because they have dodged their responsibility cannot dodge the consequences. For them, Lucky Dube's lyrics in reap what you sow are immortal. I have reproduced it below  from AZ Lyrics:

"Reap What You Sow"

We hear you crying
So bitterly
Trying to get people to help you ye ye
But nobody will
Your son was brutalizing people everytime.
But you said nothing
Now it's the time to pay the price
It's time to pay ye ye ye ye

You gonna reap just what you sow [x4]

Coming back home
With stolen things
Instead of telling him
How wrong he was
You told him how clever he was
People coming out of burning houses
It's your son Driving stolen cars every time
It's your son,
But you said nothing
But now he's turning against you

You gonna reap just what you sow [x3]

Everybody knows
No jail can keep him
'Cause you rubbing shoulders with the law
But now it's time to pay the price wo... woh

[Chorus: till fade]
You gonna reap just what you sow

As we conclude the weekly energizer for this week, take this lesson with you: 
Also remember that until parents, churches, etc reclaim their responsibility of speaking out against evil without fear or favour, they can never dodge the consequences of their laxity! Rip to those massacred in ozubulu and may God grant those they left behind the fortitude to bear the loss.  Have a blessed week.
consequences of dodging responsibility and the ozubulu massacre

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