Hardly any day passes without news of rape. I have tried to complain within and to close friends until the news came with the story of a girl who was gang raped and then buried alive in bonny island area of my own Rivers state! watch video below:

The series of rape cases prevalent in our environment has become worrisome. Little children are no longer safe as people old enough to be their fathers and grand fathers take advantage of their innocence and ignorance to violate them at will. The story featured here on Nigerian eye is a case in point: read the story here:

Adults are not left out as ladies and young girls are being coerced into sex without their consent. The matter has become a national issue that deserves the attention of each and everyone of us. The collective effort of every responsible citizen of this country is needed to successfully curtail this devilish acts. Do not say it does not concern you, if it does not concern you today, it may concern you tomorrow. The next victim is never announced and we only hear of those incidents that have some how found their way to the  media or social networks i.e internet be rest assured that so many of these incidents happen without being publicized.

The solution to this problem is many fold. 
1. There is need for offenders to receive the condign punishment. Yes, personally, i think capital punishment is not a bad idea so as to discourage people from the act.
2.There is need for early sex education. Children should be taught early about sensitive body parts. They must be instructed to report if anyone touches them there or uses certain words. People including close relatives should be discouraged from playing some certain kind of plays with the children. For example, plays involving kissing or touching of sensitive body organs. Children should be monitored properly. For example, you can go through their clothes regularly (to spot suspicious stains). As parents you reserve the right to stop your kids from playing with people whom you suspect to be of questionable character.
3. It is important for parents to develop a  close  releationship with their children. This way, the children can easily report any anomaly in the behaviour of people around them. Parents should keep close watch onthe company their children keep.
4.Adult females who are up to the age of being able to select their friends should choose their company wisely. The bible's advise that evil communication corrupts good manners is still valid. Many females have guys as their best friends and for good reasons too. However, it is neccessaryto clearly define the boundary between normal play and excesses.
5. When a guy or group of guys try to woo you, it is expected that you politely turn down the offer instead of raining abuses and using challenging words as the guys will naturally want to prove they are stronger.
6. One of the most important single factor responsible for the rape of our young ladies is indecent dressing. As it is well known and established, men are moved by what they see. Sexually suggestive dressing will ignite the fire of desire and some men can go any length to satisfy that desire even if it includes rape
7. Flirting is another common reason for rape among young ladies. Many young girls have formed the habit of going out with men whom they promise sex and refuse giving it when the men finally demand for it. Some men are not ready to let goof their hard earned cash and will go at any length to get back their money.
8. Although this list of tips for tackling rape is by no means exhaustive, it will go a long way to curb the menace. However, I think the ultimate solution is ethical reorientation. Men must realize that rape is a sin against God and humanity. I see no pleasure to be derived from rape;forceful sex without play and emotion. The physical and psychological damage done to the victim is far more than the few minutes of pleasure you can gain. Furthermore, you can imagine if the victim were to be your sister, wife, daughter or mother!!!

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