Good morning Success Seekers!!
Happy last day of the month and happy last day of the year too! God is always a good God for it is he alone that brought us this far.
For some days now, two posts on my Facebook page got many hundreds of people(from analytics) and I thought I should share here two. Though they were posted on different dates on my Facebook page, but I will post them together here. 
Try to get the meaning of each. Happy 2016 friends!!
1. As we approach the end of 2015, and 2016 approaches so fast, always remember this in all you do:
Happy Sunday Friends......
2. One important question we need to ask ourselves is this: IF I CONTINUE TO LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY AM LIVING IT NOW, WHERE WILL I BE IN THE NEXT FIVE(5) YEARS, THEN NEXT TEN(10) YEARS? This question demands a HONEST and VERY CAREFUL ANALYSIS. Let me do mine again!
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This will save you from the scammers this yuletide

This is a post which I can make very long. However, I will keep it extremely brief and let you(the reader) be the one to expand it in your own head based on your knowledge and experience!

As the festivities get even closer, and the economic problems bite even harder, you will see many scammers who will capitalise on your complains and promise you deals that will help you make all you could not make from January to November in just 5days!!!!!

It still baffles me how some right thinking people and worst of all supposedly educated people fall for some very cheap scams. Well, before you part with your hard earned money this time around, take heed of this very wise counsel from Arkad who happens to be the richest man in Babylon!!!

As we  close in on the yuletide, reemember this:Insure an income for thy future. Look thou at the aged and forget not that in the days to come, thou also will be numbered among them. Therefore invest thy treasures with greatest caution that it be not lost. USURIOUS RATES OF RETURN ARE DECEITFUL SIRENS THAT SING BUT TO LURE THE UNWARY ON THE ROCKS OF LOSS AND REMORSE!

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Good morning friends!!!

Success secrets word for the day: TRASH TV


dear success seekers please study the word TRASH TV.

We encourage you to avoid trash TV as much as possible.

It is deliberate not explaining the meaning of the word. The reason is to get you actively involved and as you search for the meaning from different sources, your understanding of the word could increase due to different comparisons and examples.

Why not switch to watching champions at work, listening to motivational audio and video programs, instructional videos in your industry, watching your industry trend, etc!

Have a nice day and happy new week!!
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How Much do You Know About The Gspot,Clit,Squirting and Orgasms?

female orgasm mastercourse:all about female orgasms. high definition video training

Dear success seeker, we trust you are doing great.
Today we decided to discuss about an issue that many will want to shy away from in public domain but still has to do with your success! Yes. Sex is a big topic, sex sells but even most importantly, SEX IS ONE OF THE GREATEST DRIVING FORCES KNOWN TO MAN.  Time and space will not let me emphasize all about this right now. To fully understand this, I refer you to Napoleon Hill's classic think and grow rich (chapter 11 entitled the mystery of sex transmutation).

The fact that for a long time sex has remained a topic about which many are shy (in fact, a topic on sex to many makes you a spoilt person and to others it is a complete taboo), has left little truth on the table. Parents don't tell young teenagers all they need to know (as if most of the parents knew any better), the sex education system in schools is definitely not adequate. Many are now left to guess, gather fluffs from friends and garbage from the Internet as well as mass media. Gratefully, we now have a paradigm shift where materials are plentiful from experts some of whom have spent 20 to as much as 50years doing research on the subject matter. New information is now available and it is slowly becoming acceptable to discuss the topic of sex among enlightened people.
However, being a topic that is just recently gaining acceptance, much fluff is still out there as many still confuse the scripted porn movies with actual sex education. I was shocked when in a discussion with an adult female friend, I discovered that she has only seen squirting from porn movies and was hearing the word gspot for the first time! Shocking right? But that is the truth. There are so many women out there who know little about their own body! Then comes the next big problem:
Many men have not taken the time to fully study and understand the woman's system so as to figure out the differences therein between a man's pathway to orgasm in sex and a woman's pathway to orgasm. Truth is stroking and deeply thrusting, banging harder and harder are not the answer!!  Melinda Holmes, author of blow her mind  his illustrated guide to oral sex, puts it this way:
female orgasm mastercourse:all about female orgasms. high definition video training
So the question comes again: How much do you know about the woman's body system? 
As a woman, do you fully understandyour own body enough to fully enjoy the full pleasures within your body?

In the next series of articles, we will be discussing the gspot,clit, squirting and orgasms.  Until then, drop your questions and comments below.

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It is a new month. Waooh!!!
It is the last month of the year!!!!
How time flies.....HAPPY NEW MONTH FRIENDS!!!
To welcome you into this new month, we decided to bring you the second part of the series we started on 26th October entitled- I WILL ACT NOW. If you missed it, check our page success secrets on Facebook or our blog

Special credits to OG MANDINO

Happiness, in truth, may not be the fruit  plucked by my  action yet without action all fruit will die on the vine. 

I will act now.

  I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. Henceforth, I will  repeat these words again and again and again, each hour, each  day, every day, until the words become as much a habit as my  breathing and the actions  which follow become as instinctive as the blinking of my  eyelids. With these  words I can condition my  mind to perform every act necessary for my  success. With  these words I can condition my  mind  to meet every challenge which the failure avoids.

I will act now.

I will repeat these words again and again  and again. When I awake I will say them and leap from my cot while the failure sleeps yet another hour.

I will act now.

  When I enter the market place I will say  them  and immediately confront my  first prospect while the failure ponders yet his possibility of rebuff.

  I will act now.

  When I face a closed door I will say them  and knock while the failure waits outside with fear and trepidation.
  I will act now.  When I face temptation I will say them  and  immediately act to remove myself from evil.

I will act now. 

When I am tempted to quit and begin again tomorrow I will say them and immediately act to consummate another sale.

  I will act now.

Only action determines my  value in the market place and to multiply my  value I will multiply my  actions. I will walk where the failure fears to walk. I will work when the failure seeks rest. I will talk  when the failure remains  silent. I will call on ten  who can buy my goods while the failure makes grand plans to call on one. I will say it is done before the failure says it is too late. 

I will act now.

For now is all I have. Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labor of the lazy. I am  not lazy. Tomorrow is the day when the evil become  good. I am  not evil. Tomorrow is the day when the weak become  strong. I am  not weak. Tomorrow is the day when the failure will succeed. I am not a failure.

  I will act now.

When the lion is hungry he eats. When the eagle has thirst he drinks. Lest they act, both will perish. I hunger for success. I thirst  for happiness and peace of mind.  Lest I act I will perish in a life of failure, misery, and sleepless nights. I will  command, and I will obey mine own command.

I will act now.

Success will not wait. If I delay  she will become  betrothed to  another and lost to me forever. This is the time. This is the place. I am the man.

  I will act now. 
Feel free to drop your comments below. Remember to get the LIFE'S ANTIDOTE DVD and change your life forever.
Happy new month again.....


Dear success seeker, it has been a while we discussed here. So sorry we have not been so frequent lately. We are bouncing back so that means that we will be talking more often.
On the 26th of October, we started our series titled I WILL ACT NOW on our Facebook page. If you have not liked our page, please do so now- you should not miss our scintillating updates. We decided to add that part one which we published on Facebook here before continuing the series. Enjoy and remember to drop your comments below. Let's get talking.

Special credits to OG MANDINO.


My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action. I will act now. Never has there been a map, however carefully executed to detail and scale, which carried its owner over even one inch of ground. Never has there been a parchment of law, however fair, which prevented one crime. Never has there been a scroll, even such as the one I hold, which earned so much as a penny or produced a single word of acclamation. Action, alone, is the tinder which ignites the map, the parchment, this scroll, my dreams, my plans, my goals, into a living force. Action is the food and drink which will nourish my success.

I will action now.

My procrastination which has held me back was born of fear and now I recognize this secret mined from the depths of courageous hearts. Now I know that to conquer fear I must always act without hesitation and the flutters in my heart will vanish. Now I know that action reduces the lion of terror to an ant of equanimity.
I will act now.

Henceforth, I will remember the lesson of the firefly who gives off its light only when it is on the wing, only when it is in action. I will become a firefly and even in the day my glow will be seen in spite of the sun. Let others be as butterflies who preen their wings yet depend on the charity of a flower for life. I will be as the firefly and my light will brighten the world. 
I will act now.

I will not avoid the tasks of today and charge them to tomorrow for I know that tomorrow never comes. Let me act now even though my actions may not bring happiness or success for it is better to act and fail than not to act and flounder.

Drop your comments as we get on to a bright start this new month. Happy new month friends.