After a very busy schedule of video premiere shows, Afrocandy became busy again but this time around, she was playing the good mother role! Dont forget that Afrocandy is a "good mother" (or at least that is what she thinks and wants us to believe). Hear  her: "Crazy Busy handling Family Biz, one of the things I did was my First Daughter's Film 'City Without Walls' opening in Newark, Video bellow:

Newark New Media 2013, the sixth season of City Without Walls' artist residency and apprenticeship program premieres with a preliminary screening at cWOW. This year's artist in residence include Manuel Acevedo with apprentices at Barringer HIgh School, and Andrew Teheran with the following from East Side High School: Apprentices Dorsey Woods, Marlene Sequeira, Annabelle Mazagwu, Hugo Santos, Andre Marques, Carina Silva, Dave Barbosa, Victor Batista. Former Apprentices: Joao Tarouco, Andre Zatta, Leonardo Gulli, Jose Sousa. Gallery Volunteers: Ana Gonzales, Dylan Alves, Marcel Lopes.789" HERE IS THE LINK TO THE DAUGHTER'S VIDEO 
Explaining further she said "Sorry guys I've been Crazy busy rounding up Production and most Importantly supporting my Daughters with their School Projects. My First Daughter's Film Project 'City Without Walls' Opened at the Theatre in Newark and we had to attend the Premiere after a lot of After School back-n-forth Driving around.So anyways, I went to the Theatre, as my Baby came on the Big Screen, I was still shaking, could not bring out my Camera on time until her Part was almost over. Just take a look, it's better than nothing and I am still a 'Proud Mom' " Judith Opara Mazagwu-Afrocandy Extension at AfroCandy's daughter Film Project.

But that is by the way. The real hot news from the Nigerian soft porn star is that all is now set for the sales of her controversial movie that shot her to the headlines DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT 1,2,3 AND 4. The full movie is now available on sales and according to her must be watched in full that is part 1 to 4 together! That is understandable because the full pack goes for only $20 (20 us dollars) and by the way who wants to watch only half dose of such hot porn? 
According to the star, "My Movie 'DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT' IS NOW READY and will be sold from my website for now. Will update with more websites and outlets where you can pick it up in Every State and Country....Go Go Grab your Copy ASAP !" BUY AND WATCH FULL MOVIE HERE 
When you enter the website, you are reminded thus:
 "You can now Buy the Movie DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT Part 1,2,3 and 4 from this website. We ship to any part of the World so you can make your order here no matter which Country you live in and we will ship it to you. The Movie is sold as a Pack, you must buy the whole set at once."
You can still watch the complete trailers here:

True to her promise to premiere the video all round the world, she has had good success in premiering the video in many locations in the USA. The new destination is London and according to her "Ok People! MARYLAND HERE I COME ! AM GONNA ROCK YA'LL DOWN SO PUT ON  YOUR DANCING SHOES! We have decided to take the 'SHOW' to 'MARYLAND' before we take it to 'LONDON.' That is not all as she further explains: "BREAKING NEWS : I, AfroCandy is coming to LONDON end of JULY and I will be live at the CLUB LA FACE ADDRESS 169-171 FORE STREET LONDON POST CODE N18 2XB. Actual dates will be announced soon. Also, the DVD for my new movie 'Destructive Instinct will be available at the Event.....Get ready MY LONDON people, let's do this !!
So if you will, go grab a copy of our proud mum's soft porn. Hey! do not pretend because i can prove to you that there is a long queue of people waiting to grab this movie and even begging her to do movies with her! Yes am serious.


Hi everyone and welcome to this short but interesting tutorial. Today we are looking at how to get more than three (3) times the value of the recharge card you bought on the etisalat network. An what is more? the credit you get can be used to call all networks including sms, browsing and more! Imagine loading N600 and you are credited with N1,800 or loading N1,000 and you are credited with N3,750.

The procedure is very simple:
  1. simply load/recharge your phone with N600
  2. dial *344*300#  THREE TIMES
  3. Congrats! you will be credited with N1,800 credit which you can use to call any network, browse your favourite sites and send sms. The credit will be valid for 7days and must be used up within that 7days period.
The procedure is very simple too:
  1. simply load/recharge your phone with N,1000
  2. dial *344*500#  THREE TIMES
  3. Congrats! you will be credited with N3,750 credit which you can use to call any network, browse your favourite sites and send sms. The credit will be valid for 7days and must be used up within that 7days period.
So what are you waiting for? go ahead and enjoy more than three times your recharge value for free!!!!!!!!!!!
Please note: Please note that this process takes you out of your existing plan (i.e easy starter or easy cliq) and sends you to a new plan known as easy flex.

Easyflex from Etisalat, is an all in one bundle plan specially designed for individuals who need to talk more, browse more and SMS more to any network in 9ja; with easyflex you get more value and full flexibility.
Easyflex comes in 3 bundle plans which customers can purchase at affordable rates.
On each flex bundle, customers get up to 250% value on their bundle which can be mixed and matched for data, SMS and calls to any network. .

Easyflex Bundles     Value Validity Period Activation code
Flex N300 N600 7 days *344*300# details here
Flex N500 N1250 7 days *344*500# details here
Flex N1,000 N2500 14 days *344*1000# details here
If your flex bundle is exhausted before the specified validity date, the bundle will automatically renew itself as long as you have sufficient airtime in your main account.
To cancel your bundle plan, simply Dial *344*0#
Or you can migrate into any of the other Etisalat’s packages;
  • » To migrate to Easy Starter: Dial *244*2#
  • » To migrate to Easy Cliq: Dial *244*1#
  • » To migrate to Talkzone: Dial *244*8#
  • » To migrate to Easylife: Dial *420*1#
easyflex from Etisalat, more value and more freedom!