How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo

How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo

3.2 GB 3g data free valid for one month on Glo

This is an exhilarating news and yes it's no hoax! You are offered 3.2gb of data for free on glo and it is valid for complete one month. And yes, this is 3g data not the 2g data from Airtel that you can't use plus this is completely free. That was no mistake, it is completely free; no tricks,  no gimmicks, no softwares, no tweaks!

Glo has indeed proven itself to be the grand masters of data. They took the data community by storm when they released the 6gb for 2,000 naira data plan valid for one month. This eliminated the need for changing phone IMEIs to use blackberry data subscription (interestingly, even this was done on the glo network). As if that was not enough, they released the 4g LTE plans where 1,000 naira gets you 3.2 GB. With this development, there was an upward review of the 3g monthly data plans as follows:
1,000 naira for 3.2gb 
2,000 naira for 7.5gb
2,500 naira for 10gb and 
3,000 naira for 12gb. All valid for one month.


Glo seems to understand the situation of things in the country and hence the need to cushion it with the glo borrow me data offer. With this service, you can borrow 3g data and use it now for free. You can pay when the economy improves lol.
To use this service, follow the simple steps below:

Dial *321#
Press 3 and send to choose borrow data
The following options will appear
1. 30 mb for N50.     1 day
2. 60mb for N100     1 day
3. 200mb for N200.  5 days
4. 1.6gb for N500.    7 days
5.3.2gb for N1,000   30 days
96 help
99 balance
Press the number that corresponds to the data amount you need.

You shall be credited with the amount you selected and you can start surfing right away.
So if you need the 3.2gb data valid for one month, simply press 5 and send! That is all you need to do. No tweaks, no software, no changing of IMEI, no gimmicks. 
How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo
How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo

Note: you can pay when the economy improves. Lol.

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How Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election and Electoral College Fully Explained With Video

How Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election and Electoral College Fully Explained With Video


The American presidential election 2016 has been enthralling. As can be seen from the electoral map, president Donald J. Trump won the election based on electoral votes, pulling a whooping 290 electoral votes as against Hillary Clinton's 232 votes. However, based on the popular votes, Hillary Clinton won the election.  Hillary Clinton pulled in 59,938,290 votes representing 47.7% of the votes. On the other hand, Donald Trump pulled in 59,704,886 votes representing 47.5%. If you are scared of mathematics, then let me do it for you. Based on popular votes, Hillary Clinton won the election by 233,404 votes!
How Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election and Electoral College Fully Explained With Video

This clearly explains the reason for the wide spread protests across the United States against his emergence. Authorities say there were protests in more than 25 United States cities. 7,000 people protested in Oakland, California and 30 were arrested. Similarly, 65 people were arrested overnight in New York over anti Trump protests. Some of the placards carried by the protesters read thus: "Trump is not our president", "Love Trumps hate", "say no to racism", etc.  Trump's head  was burnt in efiggy during the protest even outside Trump tower. lady gaga was prominent among the protesters outside the Trump tower.
How Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election and Electoral College Fully Explained With Video

But then, what is the electoral college in America n election and how does it work?

Simply put, the Electoral College is a system wrought by America's founding fathers to provide a layer of bureaucracy between the people and the Presidency. This ensures that the presidency is not decided by simple majority vote as there is no telling who the majority might be. Each state gets a number of "electors" in the College equal to their number of senators and representatives combined, and along with the three that the District of Columbia gets, that totals 538. In order to secure the Presidency, a candidate must earn 270 electoral votes. A detailed explanation of the electoral college system is given in the video here: ELECTORAL COLLEGE EXPLANATORY VIDEO 

Donald J. Trump is the 4th President to lose the popular vote and win the electoral college vote to become president of the United States. In year 2000, George W. Bush received 500,000 votes less than Al Gore but won the electoral college votes to become president. Similarly, in 1888, Benjamin Harrison received 100,000 votes fewer than incumbent president Grover Cleveland to become president based on electoral college votes. Earlier in 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes received 250,000 votes fewer than Samuel Tilden to become the president based on electoral college votes. There was an exceptional case in 1824 when John Quincy Adams  became the president. John Quincy Adams has lost the popular votes, but none of the four candidates in that election got 50% of the electoral college votes. Consequently, the house of representatives had to decide who becomes the president. This is truly an exceptional case and hence is not included when taking statistics for presidents that lost the popular votes but won the electoral college votes to become president.

Another interesting fact about this election is the fact that Republicans will control both the senate and the house of representatives. So in other words, white house, Senate and house of representatives are all controlled by the republicans. That should make things a bit easier for President Donald J. Trump. For the house of representatives, the Republicans have already won 238 seats while the democrats have 193 seats with 4 seats still open for election. Since 218 seats are needed for control, the 238 seats occupied by the republicans already gives them majority control of the house. Similarly, for the Senate, republicans have 51 seats while Democrats have 48 seats with one seat still up for grabs. It is clear that the Republicans are in the majority here again and hence are in control.
How Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election and Electoral College Fully Explained With Video
How Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election and Electoral College Fully Explained With Video


America decides 2016: records broken by President elect Donald J Trump
America decides 2016: records broken by President elect Donald J Trump


Cable network news CNN calls it a stunning upset.  No one can believe it.  Lucky Dube sang, " if am dreaming don't wake me up, if it is a lie don't tell me the truth" but not in this case! In this case, many wished they were dreaming and hence needed someone to wake them up and say "sorry this was just a very expensive hoax"  The media was struck in awe as was the average person home and abroad. Hillary Clinton and her team could not believe this. It must be a very expensive hoax indeed. Where are the famous democrat blue walls? They have all come tumbling like the ancient walls of Jericho! 
Where are the women, where are the immigrants, where are the Latinos, where are the muslims, where are the celebrities and their teeming fans? Where are the President's supporters, where are the opinion and popularity poll results,  where are the prophets with their visions and prophecies?  So many questions were left unanswered world over. This cannot be happening everyone thought. Hillary Clinton's personal assistant asked the converged supporters to go home ( clearly, there was no planned concession speech as she was confident of victory). The victory party has been abruptly truncated.
Political historians have been invited to analyse the situation and give their insight on this most significant political miracle of the 21st century. While the historians are at it, and many are protesting, let me take this time to share with you some of the records broken by America's 45th president, Billionaire president Donald J. Trump at America decides 2016. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is the few I have compiled and you are free to add yours in the comment section.


  1. Donald J. Trump, at 70 years of age, is the oldest man to be elected as president of the United States of America.
  2. Billionaire president Donald J. Trump is the only person to be elected as president of the United States of America without previous service in the military or government i.e public service.
  3. President Donald J. Trump's wife, Melania Trump, is the only first lady,  after Louisa Adams of London Great Britain, to be born outside the United States of America. NOTE: Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams (née Johnson; February 12, 1775 – May 15, 1852), wife of John Quincy Adams, was First Lady of the United States from 1825 to 1829. She was the daughter of the American Consul in London. Such a long history! On the other hand, Melania Trump was born in Slovenia. she became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006. So instead of Hillary Clinton making history, Donald J. Trump's wife actually made the history at America decides 2016.
  4. Donald J. Trump is the only Republican presidential candidate, after Ronald Reagan, to win in the American state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is considered a Democratic stronghold and remember that Ronald Reagan's election was far back 1984!
  5. President Donald J. Trump is the first republican to win an electoral seat in Maines since year 2000
  6. President Donald J. Trump is the only republican to win the state of Pennsylvania since 1988. Hillary Clinton was so confident of this area that she never bothered to visit the state after the congress. She thought she already had the State in the bag!
  7. America decides 2016 has been aptly described as "one of the greatest upsets in America's election history."  Interestingly, the DOW has already risen to a record high following the pronunciation of Donald J. Trump as president elect! However, that has not stopped the widespread protest across the United states. Many placards read: Dump Trump or Love Trumps hate.

At this very moment that I dropped my pen, President elect  Donald J. Trump and incumbent president Barack Obama are having a meeting in the oval office of the white house. Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on 20th January, 2017.


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Prophet T.B Joshua and the USA 2016 Elections. What happened to the prophecies?

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Prophet T.B Joshua and the USA 2016 Elections. What happened to the prophecies?

I don't know if this is funny or maybe we need to get the truth and hence get livid
Prior to the elections, Donald Trump's loquaciousness got him into trouble especially because of the issues of immigrants, Muslims and the Mexico wall. As if that was not enough, the leaked lewd talk video seemed to be the proverbial last straw that will break the camel's back for Donald Trump's presidential race. The women were mobilized to protest, the black Americans and other immigrants were injected with venom of hate. President Obama, campaigning for Hillary Clinton had this to say: "let us reject fear and embrace Clinton(hope)." While guiding Hillary to the podium on the election eve, he had this to say "and so shall it be forever" which many believed was a symbolic prelude to the handover. On same night, the president's wife had this to say "This is the best and the last I can do for America now". Consequently, and as a result of poll analysis, the average person even a young child believed Hillary Clinton will floor Trump at the polls. 

Everyone believed so. All except Trump who said " We started with 17 intelligent candidates, now we have just one floored candidate left". Hillary Clinton's success was so evident that many who heard the prophecy by highly acclaimed prophet T.B. Joshua about Hillary Clinton's victory already saw it as nothing but an intelligent deduction. But to add an air of divine revelation to it all, the prophet framed it thus: 
“Ten days ago, I saw the new president of America with a narrow win. The new Ppesident will be facing several challenges over many issues, including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new president. The boat of the new president will be rocked.
“By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman,” he predicted.
As a highly respected prophet, several amateur prophets piggybacked on his prediction and made their own along same lines. They forgot that the odds were against Donald Trump to even emerge as the Republican presidential candidate, yet he made it. They forgot that he is a business man par excellence, they forgot that there are many fans of his many books who will not give up on him (personally, am a big fan of Donald Trump's think big and kick ass in life and business, co-authored with Bill Zanker).
The prophets that relied on T.B Joshua's 'prophecy' or calculation to make theirs seemed to be oblivious of T.B Joshua's reputation for coming up with video proof of prophecies only after events have occurred. Ironically, He is still searching for the video proof of his prophecy of his own building collapse!

Well, Donald Trump has redrawn the electoral or political map of the United States of America. Clinton, Hillary has already called President Trump to concede defeat a little earlier than 02:40 AM ET. It was a shocker, even Hillary Clinton could not make a speech to her supporters and her assistant simply asked them to "go home!"
 Now the big question is what becomes of the Prophets? What will this mean for the scammers that have being abusing the intelligence of Nigerians for so long. Where will they hide their faces? Well, one of the last things Donald Trump said on the campaign eve was: "TONIGHT IS OUR INDEPENDENCE." 
By the way, as at the time of giving his speech, the electoral college standing was 288 to 215.