Nigerian born America based artiste Judith Opara Mazagwu popularly known as Afrocandy has been the object of controversy in the media recently. Every gossip blog and newspapers including social media sites had her in the spotlight. It has really been afrocandy this, afrocandy that. Her offence? The daring woman who is trully endowed beyond all reasonable doubt made a "porn" movie (please she does not like the name porn! she describes herself as Actress/Artist, Writer, Producer, Mom. Afrocandy is a Nigerian actress/Artist/Song & Script writer/Model who has become a woman of many talents.) called "DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT." The star's label (She is the CEO of Invisible Twins Productions LLC based in America) released the trailer of  the movie destructive instinct 3&4 which immediately went viral and reactions started pouring in.
The trailer was uploaded to youtube and almost immediately it was rejected for what youtube described as a violation of its policy on nudity and sexual content(see snapshot image at the top). I must admit that i have watched the movie trailer and Afrocandy has 'risen' above the level Africa and particularly Nigeria has ever  thought one of its own can step up to! But it is worthy to note that while many

Although Afrocandy's movie was rejected by youtube, thanks to dailymotion, you can still watch the trailer but dont say i did not warn you! You must be 18+ and away from your mum or your boss. here is the trailer for Afrocandy's destructive instinct 3 & 4

AfroCandy - Destructive instinct 3 & 4 Trailer... by mayorboss
It is worthy to note that while many people are calling for Afrocandy's head over the movie, there are also many others who are begging her to have them included in her movies! If you think am joking then go check her facebook page: Afrocandy's facebook profile  Afrocandy's facebook fan page The movie has been premiered in various locations successfully with one even confirmed to hold today. Below in pictures are the details if you care to attend today's premiere of destructive instinct 1 & 2

Oh, just incase you cannot attend today's premiere, never worry as Afrocandy has promised to premiere the movie all over the world. See her tweet:

While many people are busy beefing the actress cum producer , Afrocandy will always tell you no time for haters. She even has a song with that title. Someone even went as far as writing her an open letter which was published on many websites.Read the letter after the cut. Afrocandy has been bold to defend her actions in various press interviews even coming out to say she explained the movie to her young daughters. And just before you try to criticize her again, Afrocandy has a question for you: Are you God? hear her.

"No man is God ! It's saddening that the people you put your hope on are the ones that would go to any length to Suppress you when they feel you are about to Rise to make something out of your life and you are no more going to eat from the Crumbs that fall off their Tables. They want you to remain under their own Shadows. Too bad for them, No man holds another man's Destiny, so you can only break away from them if you are Determined and with a Strong will Power......I ain't no 'push around bitch! Get it? My destiny is in God'e hands and my own hands and I am already Breaking away from your Claws, suck that in! Deal with it ! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10276m_new-trailer-afrocandy-destructive-instinct-1-2-trailer-nollywood-movies_shortfilms#.UaO3auBVj9A"

Watch  the new trailer of destructive instinct 1and 2 here:
AfroCandy - Destructive Instinct Trailer part... by f100000401986541

Below is the letter to Afrocandy:
Dear Judith Opara Mazagwu,

 Whenever I eventually meet you the daring she-d** in person, I shall ask effusively: “Nwanne nwanyi, I bu onye Igbo?” If your answer is affirmative, I shall yell: “Tufia!!!” to high heavens and probe further: “Nna gi na nne gi, ha bu cha ndigbo? Is your father and mother originally Igbos?” If you, the architect of w**re-llywood, return a negative answer, I shall heave the deepest sigh of relief and dance with reckless abandon. I shall wail with anguish if your parents are truly of the noble Igbo stock.

 Opara’s daughter, what has the Igbos, who pride their women in purity, decorum and royalty done to you? What has Ikemba’s people done to deserve the putrid essence you displayed in that raunchy movie trailer? The dignity of womanhood, you desecrated shamelessly.

 You should have converted your nomenclature to that of the an**al kingdom before you set the cameras rolling. Who called the shots for filming that monstrosity that debased womanhood and motherhood? Yes, you suffered child abuse but how does being raped at the age of 19 confer a p0*n star designation? Who sponsored the spread of your g3nit*ls in public sphere with that pervert who wants his scenes deleted after the collateral damage had been done? I hope a copy of Destructive Instinct will be delivered to Censors Board in Nigeria for classification.

 Judith Opara, that bald headed bloke was actually squeezing, kissing and car3ssing your bu*t0cks and b00bs on camera while you were letting out uhhhs and ahhhs? You had the nerve to upload same online? What manner of poverty configured the mental faculties of a 41 year old mother of two to engage in unclad and display the se% tape on the internet without consideration for her children’s future?

 It is an abomination in Igbo land nay Africa for a child to behold his mother in such intense s3xing expedition. Not even se% starved r*pis*s dare to devour a victim before her child’s very eyes. I hope your children will never watch Destructive Instinct, the atrocity you produced.

 Until we can trace your lineage to Igbo kindred, I doubt the language of your name. I challenge your brothers, sisters, cousins aunts, uncles (your parents are most definitely dead), friends, relatives, classmates etc to write a rejoinder and authenticate your tribe. I enjoin other concerned brethren both at home and in the Diaspora not to judge you harshly but pray to God whom you offended with impunity, to hasten a financial breakthrough that will discourage your big screen whorish aspiration. Your choice of career is an aberration to us, of eastern Nigeria.

 I solicit for contributions from public spirited Nigerians and Africans. Afro Candy is in dire need of rehabilitation – mentally, medically, financially, spiritually and otherwise.

 A psychiatrist facility will do a lot for Ada anyi nwanyi. The woman who can perform unclad, naked on stage owes a psychotherapist a visit.

 My dearest sister, conduct a thorough research and you will discover that bl*e film practitioners are never regarded, not even in Hollywood. I advise you to refrain from s3xu*l motion pictures that will further saturate our cyber space with unwholesome content.

 Yours Sincerely,
 Uzor Ngoladi

Next is Afrocandy's interview with the punch newspaper:
US-based Nigerian actress, singer, writer and model, Afrocandy, real name Judith Opara-Mazagwu, talks about her obsession with sexually explicit movies and her latest work, Destructive Instinct, in an online interview with JULIET BUMAH
Any special reason you chose the name, AfroCandy?
I chose the name because guys call me ‘Eye Candy’. And I figured, if I’m an eye candy and I’m African, I should be an AfroCandy.
Did you do a boob job or are your breasts natural?
No, I did not do any boob job. My boobs are all mine, naturally made and given to me by my creator.
Why did you go into pornographic movies?
I’m not into pornography. I’ll say this over and over. The fact that I chose to make romance and sex scenes in my movies real should not make me a porn star. Now tell me, would you call the actors that play assassin and killer roles in movies murderers because they play such roles? Why are eyebrows being raised over this my movie? Or, is it because it has to do with sex, which is supposed to be a way of life? I find that to be sexist honestly. You can call me daring, brave, bold and beautiful. And I will like you to tell me what you call movies like ‘Basic Instinct, ‘I spit on your grave’ and the likes of them. And I’ll also like you to tell me what you may call actors like Sharon Stone, Halley Berry and co for taking similar roles in those movies before I can answer you directly.
Is there a market for pornographic movies in Nigeria?
Yes, there’s definitely a big market for my kind of movies in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, judging from the responses, requests and orders I have received so far. You already know your people, they will criticise in public but go behind to buy it and hide in their bedrooms to watch it. I’m not worried about the censors board, we got that locked down.
Have you settled issues with the guy who acted in your movie, ‘Destructive Instinct,’ and wanted to pull out?
Yes, we have settled the matter and are moving on.
What was the contract like?
I wouldn’t want to go into the details; but the bottom line is, the case has been closed and we are on to the next one.
Was the guy aware that he was going to feature in a porn movie?
Yes he was. And again, not a porn movie, but he knew he was going to get naked in the movie and he willingly did it.
Why did he want to pull out?
It’s a long story and I think I already addressed that already in one of my interviews.
How do you deal with advances from men?
I don’t deal with that at all.
What is your impression about gays?
My impression about them is, they are mostly adults, they know what is right and what is wrong and choose to do what is best for them. I guess they know what they want and what they want to do with their lives. So it’s normal.
Would you act in a gay movie?
Yes, I will. Matter of fact, I have a script for that and I guess that doesn’t make me gay now, right?
Which part of your body turns guys on the most?
Ha ha ha…thats’a very funny question, but how would I even know that? I guess you should conduct a wide search for that and maybe ask the guys for that.
Uche Ogbodo has reportedly turned down your offer to feature in a porn movie. Who will you invite to replace her?
I never even spoke to her yet, only made an announcement for an up and coming production. But I have worked with bigger and better actors and will always do; so that’s not important now.
How many films have you acted in and produced so far?
As many as possible.
Where are you from? What is your educational background?
I am from Imo State in Nigeria. As per education, I am a graduate with two associate degrees in office administration and computer science; a Bachelor’s degree in business management and a graduate in medical billing and coding. I’m also getting ready to go back to school to study law.
Have Cossy Orjiakor and Anita Joseph accepted your offer?
I wouldn’t like to disclose that, but I’ll keep you posted.
How do your daughters feel about your roles in porn movies?
I may be their mother because I brought them into the world. I may have the privilege to raise them up to adult age. But you know, I cannot tell them what to do or follow at a certain age. Besides, they are Americans who have their own minds. If they graduate from college and decide to follow my footsteps, it’s their own calling. If I can predict, they wouldn’t want to do what I do because they have better opportunities and better futures than mine. All I do now is to secure a better future for them so they don’t have to go through what I went through in my life time. Mind you, I tell my daughters everything I do. I even told them about this project, the nature of it, but I could not show them because they are not up to 18 yet. I just had to prepare them in case they run into it on the Internet, they won’t be shocked. So don’t worry about my daughters, they are the best children any mother could ever ask for and I thank God for the gift.

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