Thank you for your interest in the new year success pack. This is a phenomenal package that will help you transform your life this new year.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of success?
Are you tired of being financially dependent?
Do you think that others are more favoured than you are?
Does life seem so complex that you do not understand why others are making it while you seem to achieve little or nothing at all?
Do you want to inspire yourself to success and even more success?

If you want to start taking control of your own life, attain the success you desire and live the life of your dreams, then you need the new year success pack

So what is the new year success pack?
The new year success pack is a collection of the very best tested and trusted practical books that reveal the success secrets you need to turn your life around for the best this new year PLUS two of the best small scale importation (yes, small scale because you can start importing from china and other countries with as little as N10,000!!!) manuals written by two different authors who are already making it big in this business. Trust me because am in this business already and it rocks. This manuals teach you all there is to know, the secrets and the tips needed to start importing anything you want directly from china and other countries and have them delivered to your house here in Nigeria. No custom duties, no paper work and you sell at double or more times the cost price. The new year success pack contains:
  • Four tested and trusted books(names withheld) you must read that will ignite the success in you and make it explode to reality. (The result is better experienced than told) Warning: If after reading these books you do not change, sorry, there may be little hope for you!!!
  • Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill: A book that takes your hand telling you what to do and how to do it as it reveals the Andrew Carnegie tested and trusted secrets that has made countless men and women who could apply it wealthy all over the world
  • The 10X rule by Grant Cardone. The only difference between success and failure. This book has been described as the holy grail for those who desire success. In its introduction it says: "seriously, if there is an end all, be all-then this is it! The 10X rule establishes right levels of actions and thinking that guarantee success and ensure that you will continue operating at these levels through out your life and career"
  • 101 ways to transform your life by Wayne Dyer (mp3): A two part audio series for your listening pleasure and meditation
  • 7 Little known success secrets of the rich and famous: A very concise and exact description of seven habits of the rich and  famous which sets them apart from the poor and the exact steps to take so you can be like them plus a bonus on action management the only real solution to time management. They are simple principles but most likely you never thought about them.
  • Acres of  diamond by Dr Russel Conwell (The all time classic) 
The importation manuals:Two well written and well explained books with pictures that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about importing jewelries, laptops, phones, tablet PCs, and almost everything you can think of from more five tested and trusted online portals and have the goods delivered to your house in Nigeria. These books which were written by two of Nigeria's finest gurus in this business teaches you how to start importing with a capital as low as N10,000, have your goods delivered to your house and make huge profit.
I do not want to stress the points about this manuals too far because i believe in them and i want to see how serious you are about becoming successful. This is a business i do as well and trust me even if you have heard of things like this before, this package is the very best you can find with two of Nigeria's finest gurus coming together to take you by the hand and make sure you succeed in this business. My own experience in the business is a guarantee to you!
  •  Solid materials which will take your hand and teach you from scratch how to become successful in creating online businesses including:
  1. blogging
  2. Google adsense
  3. Information marketing
  4. Creating a forum like nairaland  and a whole lot more 
 HOW TO GET THE NEW YEAR SUCCESS PACK:Ready to begin your success journey? 
Simply pay the sum of N4,500 only into any of the following accounts:

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 After payment simply text your full name and email address with the teller number to 07034554516, 08093602781. Your new year success pack will hit your email straight.
Please send your correct email address as everything is in electronic format and are forwarded to your inbox directly. Got questions? call 07034554516, 08093602781. see you at the top!!!