How do you secure your Facebook account from hackers and other mischievous elements? Beyond the regular password, today we are going to discuss an extra layer of security for your Facebook account that ensures that even if a hacker should get access to your facebook password, the password will become useless to him/her. Even if you surrender your facebook password under duress to someone, your facebook account will still remain secure and in accessible with this nifty method of facebook account security we are going to see today.

With more than a billion people on Facebook, it is no wonder that its use remains controversial. Many relationships have fallen apart due to facebook sensitive data being leaked out(you know those little secret chats and pictures). Countless people have been defrauded, Some have been kidnapped, others have been killed, and tens of millions of people have been blackmailed, just to mention a few. If you must be on facebook(it is true that you can be impersonated whether you are on facebook or not), it is important that you ensure that your facebook account is secured to the best of your ability. The method we are discussing will give your facebook account same level of security that your bank account has when you want to transfer money.

What You Need to Collect Your Npower Device

What You Need to Collect Your Npower Device
Precisely on the 25th of August 2017, This blog Created a detailed video titled REQUIREMENTS FOR COLLECTING NPOWER DEVICE in which we detailed everything that will be required for a person to collect their npower device.

We analysed the SMS npower sent for device collection and explained using pictures every item that is required. Interestingly, we did not make a blog post on the topic because we believed the video was the best option as it shows you all that is required. If you have not watched the video, I think it is a must watch. Go watch it here now:

As npower spreads its device collection foot print from Lagos to Abuja and now Port Harcourt, mmany persons are still wondering what the BVN SLIP is. The purpose of this post is to explain what the BVN SLIP is and how to get your BVN SLIP for NPOWER DEVICE COLLECTION.
Below are some questions from the npower official facebook page which necessitated this post on BVN SLIP:



And lots of others


So to the most pressing question, what is BVN SLIP and how do I get one? The BVN SLIP is an A4 sized document issued to you by your bank which contains your BVN, name, sex, date of birth, picture and most importantly, a statement affirming that your BVN has been verified by the bank. It is the BVN slip that proves or verifies that a particular BVN is correct and tied to you or the person whose particulars - name, sex, date of birth and picture appears on the slip.

Below is a picture of a BVN slip.

How Npower Stipend Payment Changed My Life

                                How Npower Stipend Payment Changed My Life
While many persons are complaining about how paltry a sum the npower stipend payment is, there are many persons who are effectively utilizing the money and turning their lives around for good. That is the case of Mr. Ochogwu Emmanuel a graduate of Benue state university. According to Mr Ochogwu Emmanuel who shared his story with the senior special assistant to the president on job creation Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede and his team, he graduated from Benue State University way back 2011 and until the npower scheme came along, he was unemployed and asking for money from his siblings before he could recharge his phone.In the video below, he explains how he was able to change his life with the npower stipend payments he received, and we include some highlights that might benefit you in this post.

All attempts at getting a job have failed woefully as corruption and nepotism which have eaten deep into the fabric of our system were his bane. It is no wonder that he explains that the first time he received the npower stipend payment of thirty thousand naira (N30,000), it felt like Davido's thirty billion in the account. The initial urge was for him to use the money to get a smart phone with which he can chat and twit, but he was able to successfully resist the urge. He used the npower stipend payment as a basis for assuring his friends and family of his ability to repay any reasonable loan he takes from them. That was how he raised the money (via loan) to start up a poultry farm. His poultry farm is growing and serves as a testament to the fact that despite the gross inadequacy of the npower stipend payment, the npower stipend payment can still be very useful in servicing your future if you but discipline yourself. As Jim Rohn will say, it is not the amount that matters, it is what you do with it. The carpenter from galilee was in unanimous agreement with this when he said:  "For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.

Nigeria beat Cameroon four goals to nil!

Nigeria beat Cameroon four goals to nil
It was a big surprise, but the super eagles of Nigeria today trashed the indomitable lions of Cameroon four goals to nothing (4-0). The match was played at the Godswill Akpabio stadium in Akwa Ibom. Considering the fact that the super eagles already top the group and have a good goal difference, one expected to see the Cameroonians firing on all cylinders to keep their hopes of qualifying for the world cup, Russia 2018 alive. Fabrice Ondoa's experience and goal keeping dexterity also makes such score line imaginary at best. But alas, that is the reality.

When you remember the humiliating defeat suffered by the super eagles of Nigeria on Saturday 10th June 2017 at the same venue, where they were defeated by the South African National team two goals to nothing in a nations cup qualifier, you will understand why today's match results appear to be a total anomaly.

This four goals to nothing defeat parallels the defeat suffered by the gunners, Arsenal FC  of England , in the premier league. Arsenal FC was defeated by Liverpool four goals to nothing at Anfield on Sunday 27th  August, 2017.