This will save you from the scammers this yuletide

This is a post which I can make very long. However, I will keep it extremely brief and let you(the reader) be the one to expand it in your own head based on your knowledge and experience!

As the festivities get even closer, and the economic problems bite even harder, you will see many scammers who will capitalise on your complains and promise you deals that will help you make all you could not make from January to November in just 5days!!!!!

It still baffles me how some right thinking people and worst of all supposedly educated people fall for some very cheap scams. Well, before you part with your hard earned money this time around, take heed of this very wise counsel from Arkad who happens to be the richest man in Babylon!!!

As we  close in on the yuletide, reemember this:Insure an income for thy future. Look thou at the aged and forget not that in the days to come, thou also will be numbered among them. Therefore invest thy treasures with greatest caution that it be not lost. USURIOUS RATES OF RETURN ARE DECEITFUL SIRENS THAT SING BUT TO LURE THE UNWARY ON THE ROCKS OF LOSS AND REMORSE!

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Good morning friends!!!

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