How Much do You Know About The Gspot,Clit,Squirting and Orgasms?

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Dear success seeker, we trust you are doing great.
Today we decided to discuss about an issue that many will want to shy away from in public domain but still has to do with your success! Yes. Sex is a big topic, sex sells but even most importantly, SEX IS ONE OF THE GREATEST DRIVING FORCES KNOWN TO MAN.  Time and space will not let me emphasize all about this right now. To fully understand this, I refer you to Napoleon Hill's classic think and grow rich (chapter 11 entitled the mystery of sex transmutation).

The fact that for a long time sex has remained a topic about which many are shy (in fact, a topic on sex to many makes you a spoilt person and to others it is a complete taboo), has left little truth on the table. Parents don't tell young teenagers all they need to know (as if most of the parents knew any better), the sex education system in schools is definitely not adequate. Many are now left to guess, gather fluffs from friends and garbage from the Internet as well as mass media. Gratefully, we now have a paradigm shift where materials are plentiful from experts some of whom have spent 20 to as much as 50years doing research on the subject matter. New information is now available and it is slowly becoming acceptable to discuss the topic of sex among enlightened people.
However, being a topic that is just recently gaining acceptance, much fluff is still out there as many still confuse the scripted porn movies with actual sex education. I was shocked when in a discussion with an adult female friend, I discovered that she has only seen squirting from porn movies and was hearing the word gspot for the first time! Shocking right? But that is the truth. There are so many women out there who know little about their own body! Then comes the next big problem:
Many men have not taken the time to fully study and understand the woman's system so as to figure out the differences therein between a man's pathway to orgasm in sex and a woman's pathway to orgasm. Truth is stroking and deeply thrusting, banging harder and harder are not the answer!!  Melinda Holmes, author of blow her mind  his illustrated guide to oral sex, puts it this way:
female orgasm mastercourse:all about female orgasms. high definition video training
So the question comes again: How much do you know about the woman's body system? 
As a woman, do you fully understandyour own body enough to fully enjoy the full pleasures within your body?

In the next series of articles, we will be discussing the gspot,clit, squirting and orgasms.  Until then, drop your questions and comments below.

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