How to Stop Windows 10 From Consuming your Mobile Data

How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates From Consuming your Mobile Data

stop windows 10 automatic updates from consuming your mobile data

If you have the windows 10 experience, you will know that this is not a trivial issue. Two days ago, I had more than 3.5gb data on my MTN line. I tethered the internet connection from my phone to my windows 10 laptop. I dozed off and in two hours time when I woke up, I saw a message on my phone saying I have exhausted my data and my internet connection has been suspended. To cut the long story short, I found out that my system was running automatic updates and even though my 3.5gb data was exhausted the automatic update was at 86%.

Thanks to GTBANK 737 service, I reloaded my line with N2,000 immediately so that I can continue what I needed to do online. The problem is that Windows 10 does not allow you disable automatic updates for security features. If you are using Windows 10 professional, Windows 10 enterprise, or Windows 10 Educational, you can differ feature updates(under advanced options) but even this can only be effective for some months; in other words, you can only buy time because the update must be downloaded whether you like it or not. The windows 10 users with home license must receive both security and feature updates and serve as the guinea pig for those who have the ability to defer receiving feature updates.

Exact Step to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates From Consuming your Mobile Data

Whether you are a home user, a professional user, an enterprise user, or an educational user, this trick will work for you. What we need to do, is to go to our settings and set the wifi network we connected to as a metered connection. Once that is done, the system sees the network as having limited data allocation and therefore will not use it for download of any updates.
The exact steps for setting your wifi internet connection as a metered connection on your PC thereby stopping windows 10 automatic updates from consuming your mobile data are clearly shown in the video below:

  1. Click the start button
  2. Click on  settings
  3.  Click on network and internet
  4. Click on wifi to the left of the settings menu
  5. Click on manage known networks
  6. On the list of wifi networks that appears, select the wifi network you want to make a metered connection
  7. Click on properties
  8. Click on the last radio  button among the three that appears which is set as metered connection. ((In other words, turn the metered connection button to on position)
You have successfully made the connection a metered connection and even if you disconnect from it, the connection will still be recognised as a metered connection anytime you reconnect. In other words, you only need to set a particular connection as a metered connection once even if you frequently connect and disconnect.

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