Best How to Get Free Audio to Monetize your Youtube Videos

Best How to Get Free Audio to Monetize your Youtube Videos

Best How to Get Free Audio to Monetize your Youtube Videos

If you have used youtube for some time as a partner, uploading videos and monetizing them to earn revenue, you must have encountered a very common and often frustrating problem: The issue of copyright claims being made on your video due to the audio that you used even if it is just a background music.

Sometimes, they are so swift to make these copyright claims that the instant you click on publish, a copyright claim is made and your monetization option is crossed out. You also receive an email in your associated email address telling you that a copyright claim has been made on your video. You basically have two options when this happens. The first option is for you to file a dispute to the claim. But let us be honest here, you never created the original audio file so you just cannot win and such dispute can harm your youtube account. The second option you have is to stay calm. When you stay calm, there is no negative impact on your youtube account, but the claimant may decide to monetize the video you uploaded and the revenue goes to the person with the right to the soundtrack or audio file you used in the video project. This is a very ugly situation to be in, especially when the video you uploaded is trending or going viral. It can also be that you never wanted any advert to be displayed on that particular video. In this case, sorry to say, you are no longer in control and the decision to choose whether there will be adverts on the video or not rests entirely with the copyright owner.

The third option you have when such claims arise is for you to go into youtube to mute the audio with the copyright claim. The downside of this, however, is that I believe you had a reason for putting the audio in the first place. 

That is why we now look at the best way to get royalty free audio for your Video projects. We need audio files that are 100% free so that we can not only control our monetization, but also receive the money from the monetization of our video. After all, you posted the video to youtube, so if there is anyone to earn money from the video, it should be you!

Step by Step Best How to Get Free Audio to Monetize your Youtube Videos

Youtube has an excellent collection of audio files that you can use for free and monetize your videos on youtube. With this audio files, you have total control over your video. You choose whether you want to monetize your video or not and if you decide to monetize your video, you collect all the money generated.
All the steps are explained in the video above. Here is also a brief summary:

Best How to Get Free Audio to Monetize your Youtube Videos

  1. Go to and login to your youtube account
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Click on creator studio
  4. On your creator studio dashboard click on create 
  5. On the audio library that appears, you will see a slew of free music
  6. click on the play icon to 'preview' what the particular music you select sounds like
  7. When you have gotten a music you like, click on the down facing arrow to download to your device
  8. Note: There are two categories of free music. One is completely free for you to use while the other type is licensed under the creative commons attribution. The creative commons licensed music while free for you to use in monetizing your youtube videos, requires you to include credits for the audio in your youtube video description.

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