Mobile number portability in Nigeria; what you must know. Questions, answers and explanatory video

Mobile number portability has finally been launched in Nigeria. With the network operators battling each other in commercials to showcase their readiness for rollout, each network tries to convince you that they are the best and you need to port to their own network. However, they do not address the vital issues on ground  that Nigerians need answers to as far as mobile number portability in Nigeria is concerned. For example, how to you implement porting? what time of the day can you port? where do you go to port? what happens to your sms, internet, mms and other ancillary settings when you port? how much does it cost to port? how do you confirm the number you want to port is yours? what kind of numbers can be ported? what kind of  numbers can be ported?, etc.

These  are questions that Nigerians want answers to. SUCCESSSECRETS is all about your success so we took time to get all the necessary information from the Nigerian communications commission and present it to you. The video here answers and explains what you should know about mobile number portability in  Nigeria. It addresses the how and the why with common examples in  plain language that will be easy for everybody to understand. Watch it and share it. Enjoy mobile number portability in Nigeria!!!
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1 What is “Mobile Number Portability”?
Mobile Number Portability is a service that enables you to keep
your mobile phone number when changing from one mobile
service provider to another. So, if you switch between service
providers, you do not have to go through the trouble of informing
all your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts because your
number stays the same.
2 Who can use the system?
Mobile Number Portability is available to both “Pre‐Paid” (Pay As
You Go) and “Post‐Paid” mobile customers in Nigeria.
3 Who can provide this service?
Mobile Number Portability will initially be available among the
GSM mobile operators: MTN, GLOBACOM, ETISALAT, and AIRTEL.
4 When will porting become available on the CDMA and Fixed
line Networks?
NCC has adopted a phased approach to the launch of Mobile
Number Portability service in Nigeria. The process to port to
CDMA networks will begin as soon as the GSM porting process is
completed and launched.
5 What type of phone number can be ported?
Any mobile number on the GSM network can be ported
irrespective of the type of service it is been used for (e.g. voice,
data, GPS tracking etc).
6 Where do I have to go to port my number?
Customers should go to the customer care office, retail shop or
outlet of their chosen new service provider and meet with the
authorized sales person to request to port their number.
(Porting can only be undertaken by visiting the customer care
office, retail shop or authorised dealer of your chosen new service
provider and is not available by telephone, online or other
electronic means). Please do not terminate your service with your
existing service provider before initiating porting with the new
service provider.
7 What time of day will the porting service be available by the
The porting service will be available when your new service
operator's store/ outlet/ sales point is open to customers.
8 What do I have to do to port?
You will be required to complete a Port Request Form. You will
also be asked to send a text message with the word “PORT” to a
short code “3232”. Assistance will be made available if required.
9 I'm a pre‐paid customer and I have some credit left ‐ can I
take this with me?
“Pre‐paid” customers won't be able to take outstanding credit with
them, and should use it up before they switch service providers.
10 What happens to SMS that I send or receive whilst porting?
Messages which have been sent to the customer prior to porting,
but not delivered, may be lost
11 Will I be able to take my voicemails, SMS and service settings
to my new operator?
You will lose your old voicemail, SMS, MMS and ancillary services,
and will need to set these up again with your new service provider.


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