Guaranty Trust Bank Plc definitely has the lead in online banking service delivery as far as i know. I can boldly say this because i am a satisfied customer of the bank. I remember a friend complained to me about  2 sundays ago that she needed to send money urgently to her mum in Lagos. I sensed the urgency in the friend's voice  and i decided to help. Around 10pm  that night, i made a fund transfer to their family friend's GTB account in Lagos who received it and was able to withdraw for the friend's mum. Similarly, last night(around 10:30pm) i made a transfer from my GTB account to a friend's first bank account and the friend informed me that he  withdrew the money today. Note for the GTB to GTB transfer there was no charge but the NEFT transfer to First bank attracted a fee of about N110.25 (one hundred and ten naira, twenty five kobos only).  It might interest you to know that a friend gained admission to a UK university and she used her GTBANK   account which she opened while in Nigeria and other students from Nigeria were begging her for their people  to send them money through her account. Interestingly, the naira mastercard which they now give by default to new customers allows you to make transactions online and is accepted on most merchant websites online.  Want to buy online? GTBANK naira mastercard might just be the answer. To learn more about naira master card click here

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Social banking from GTBANK is the next step in the online banking revolution in Nigeria. Learn more about social banking now click here. GTBANK social banking main page is here If you want to: 
1. Open GTBank Current , Savings, Seniors, Smart Kids Save (SKS) and other accounts

2. Perform Money transfers to any beneficiary that has a mobile phone in Nigeria

3. Purchase Mobile phone airtime

4. Have access to 24/7 real time customer service for enquiries and complaints resolution 
Then GTBank social banking is the way to go!
Today we are going to look at  how to open a GTBANK account on facebook using GTB social banking.
The GTBANK online account opening application form will now appear for you to fill. Kindly fill the form and click on continue then follow the instructions. Kindly note that this account is for Nigerian residents only. Non resident Nigerians should visit this link 

As we use this new ground breaking service from GTBANK, feel free to share your views, experiences and recommendations as comments on this blog.

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  1. Nowadays banks have a lot of options, like really being able to personalize some custom forms to engage customers more than ever before