How do you secure your Facebook account from hackers and other mischievous elements? Beyond the regular password, today we are going to discuss an extra layer of security for your Facebook account that ensures that even if a hacker should get access to your facebook password, the password will become useless to him/her. Even if you surrender your facebook password under duress to someone, your facebook account will still remain secure and in accessible with this nifty method of facebook account security we are going to see today.

With more than a billion people on Facebook, it is no wonder that its use remains controversial. Many relationships have fallen apart due to facebook sensitive data being leaked out(you know those little secret chats and pictures). Countless people have been defrauded, Some have been kidnapped, others have been killed, and tens of millions of people have been blackmailed, just to mention a few. If you must be on facebook(it is true that you can be impersonated whether you are on facebook or not), it is important that you ensure that your facebook account is secured to the best of your ability. The method we are discussing will give your facebook account same level of security that your bank account has when you want to transfer money.

We have made a video of how you can implement this security feature to secure your facebook account. Watch the video below:
The method we have discussed is popularly known as two factor authentication, 2FA. It is similar to the process where you want to make a bank transfer and after filling in all data, the bank sends an OTP (one time password) to your registered mobile phone number.

The summary of the process is outlined below:

  1. Go to settings on your facebook account
  2. Click on security and login
  3. Click on setting up extra security
  4. Click use two factor authentication
  5. Click setup and 
  6. Click Enable
I will update this a little later, but everything about using two factor authentication to secure your facebook account is shown in the video above. Go watch the video now, then share your thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions in the comment box.

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