How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo

How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo

3.2 GB 3g data free valid for one month on Glo

This is an exhilarating news and yes it's no hoax! You are offered 3.2gb of data for free on glo and it is valid for complete one month. And yes, this is 3g data not the 2g data from Airtel that you can't use plus this is completely free. That was no mistake, it is completely free; no tricks,  no gimmicks, no softwares, no tweaks!

Glo has indeed proven itself to be the grand masters of data. They took the data community by storm when they released the 6gb for 2,000 naira data plan valid for one month. This eliminated the need for changing phone IMEIs to use blackberry data subscription (interestingly, even this was done on the glo network). As if that was not enough, they released the 4g LTE plans where 1,000 naira gets you 3.2 GB. With this development, there was an upward review of the 3g monthly data plans as follows:
1,000 naira for 3.2gb 
2,000 naira for 7.5gb
2,500 naira for 10gb and 
3,000 naira for 12gb. All valid for one month.


Glo seems to understand the situation of things in the country and hence the need to cushion it with the glo borrow me data offer. With this service, you can borrow 3g data and use it now for free. You can pay when the economy improves lol.
To use this service, follow the simple steps below:

Dial *321#
Press 3 and send to choose borrow data
The following options will appear
1. 30 mb for N50.     1 day
2. 60mb for N100     1 day
3. 200mb for N200.  5 days
4. 1.6gb for N500.    7 days
5.3.2gb for N1,000   30 days
96 help
99 balance
Press the number that corresponds to the data amount you need.

You shall be credited with the amount you selected and you can start surfing right away.
So if you need the 3.2gb data valid for one month, simply press 5 and send! That is all you need to do. No tweaks, no software, no changing of IMEI, no gimmicks. 
How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo
How to get 3.2gb 3g data free for one month on glo

Note: you can pay when the economy improves. Lol.

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